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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Here is the next question about the Fan Speed Regulator.
Will the power consumption  be same for normal regulator and electronic regulator at same speed ?
The answer to this would be no.The reason behind this is normal regulator uses resistances for the speed control of the fan.So the resistances will act as a potential divider,and the applied voltage to the fan changes the based on the resistance position.

At maximum speed the full voltage is applied.When the regulator position is decreased,resistance would be introduced and the voltage applied to the fan decreases which in turn reduces the speed of the fan.When the regulator position is kept at low speed, the power wastage across the resistance will be more.
Therefore the overall efficiency of the normal speed regulator is poor.

The electronic speed regulator uses the semi conductor devices.The voltage regulator is used to change the applied voltage to the fan.So the power loss is negligible in the electronic fan speed regulator.Therefore overall efficiency of the electronic regulator is high.


itzme said...

Thanks Raj For the answer.
My next querry is do we follow the relation between Voltage and Current in all networks?
For Eg, In transmission network,how is voltage related to current?and in transformers, electrical networks how does it work?
2. If we run a motor @ light loads continuously(loads below which it is rated for), it seems to be less efficient,why?

raju said...

why genrator connected in parallel why not in series?