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Monday, January 24, 2011


These are the most frequently asked Electrical Interview Questions from Transmission & Distribution.
During my interview, i said my area of interest is Transmission & Distribution.Then i was bombarded with the following questions.

Why do we go for higher voltage transmission lines?
There are many advantages in transmitting the power at high voltages.Because for the same power,the copper loss(I^2R loss) will be less for higher voltages,since power= V*I.There for current value decreases thereby decreasing the power loss.

Why do we prefer overhead transmission line over under ground transmission line?
  • The cost of the conductors used in over head lines in much lesser when compared to the under ground lines.
  • The under ground lines need perfect insulation so it is provided with extra insulation which increases the cost.
  • It is very difficult to identify and repair the faulty part in the under ground transmission lines.
  • Skin effect and Proximity effect are more in under ground lines than the Over head transmission lines.


itzme said...

Though in books it has been given like beyond 50 HP, v shuld not go for DOL Starters for motor starting,almost all the industries use DOL Starter onli for even 100 HP motors instead of Star delta starters,why?

Khalid Mehmood said...

what is electricity