August 2011|Online electrical engineering & Electrical Interview Questions

Friday, August 26, 2011


Hi guys.I am back !!! I apologize for posting the content after such a long time.A person has asked "Could you give an idea of which motors are being used in different appliances? and it is my pleasure to answer this Electrical Engineering question.Do you guys know in our mobile phone there is a motor.yes, it is used for vibration which is caused in the silent mode.These motors are called as vibration motors.

Next we will take the thing which we use very oftenly, PC's and Laptops.We use the Brushless DC motor fans for cooling the processor.In PC SMPS serves as the source for motor and in Laptop battery is the source for motors.Also the for CD drives we use the brushless motors.

In fans single phase Induction motors are used.In Mixer grinders and Grinders also we use single phase Induction motors only.But for the Grinders which has high capacities, we will be using 3 phase Induction motor up to 5HP motors.For traction,DC motors are used.The supply is high voltage single phase supply.AC supply is converted to DC using the Power Electronic Converters and are used to feed the DC motors.