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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hey friends..Let me share the Electrical Interview questions which i faced during my interviews.If you are attending interview for any software companies,the questions would be on basics of Electrical Engineering.

What is the difference between motor and generator ?
       Motor is an electrical device which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy where as Generator is an electrical device which converts mechanical energy to electrical energy.

What are the types of Motor and Generator?
        Basically both motors and generators are classified as DC and AC. 
Further DC motor is classified as DC Series motor,DC Shunt motor,DC Compound motor.
AC motor is classified as 1 phase motor and 3 phase motor and Synchronous motor.
There are special machines such as Brushless DC motor,Universal motor,Stepper Motor,Hysteresis motor.

DC generator as classified as separately exicited DC generator,DC Series generator,DC shunt generator,DC compound generator.AC generators are called as alternators.Alternators are single phase and three phase alternators.There is also Synchronous generator.


Anonymous said...

What is the difference between pneumatic control system and DCS System?in detail what is it all abt in an industry?

Anonymous said...

Y HT Squirrel Cage Induction Motors are connected in Star and LT motors in Delta?

Anonymous said...

B'cause lt motor conected in delta so it take root 3 less current than line curent so wire required size is less ,and ht motor conect in star so insulation material can take low value and rut 3 vtg less