DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NORMAL AND ELECTRONIC FAN REGULATORS|Online electrical engineering & Electrical Interview Questions

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hi guys...I am answering to one of the doubts posted in the comments section.This electrical question is regarding the Fan Speed Regulators.

1.What is the difference between electronic regulator and normal regulator in fan?
i) You would have noticed the old normal regulators in some old bungalows and some government buildings.Normal fan regulator is huge in size whereas electronic regulator is small in size with just a knob to control the speed.
ii) Speed variation is in steps in the normal regulators whereas in electronic speed regulators we can obtain smooth speed control.
iii) Normal fan speed regulators use resistances(works as potential divider network) for controlling the speed whereas the electronic speed regulator uses the voltage regulator which changes the input voltage to the fan thereby changing the speed of the fan.
iv) Heat dissipation is more in the normal fan speed regulators whereas in electronic regulators there is negligible heat dissipation.
v) Since the heat dissipation is more in the normal regulators, it will be provided with some holes at the sides for ventilation and are mounted outside the switch board.
vi) The electronic regulator will be mounted inside the switch board(the device) and only the control knob will be outside the switch board.