December 2011|Online electrical engineering & Electrical Interview Questions

Sunday, December 18, 2011


This post is about the HVDC Transmission Lines in India. I must thank Priya for asking electrical question regarding HVDC links.Hope it would be useful for the budding Electrical Engineers.Whenever we think about HVDC links,many questions comes to our mind.Some of them are 1.Why we should go for HVDC transmission instead of AC Transmission? 2.Does India has any HVDC links? If yes, how many and where are these HVDC links located ?

First of all,HVDC transmission is adopted whenever there is need for power transmission over longer distances.We must have heard the term "Break even Distance".It is the distance at which the cost for AC Transmission and the Cost for DC Transmission are equal.Usually it is around 600KM.Taking the distance, future requirements,cost saving and various other factors into considerations the HVDC links are set up.

To know the list of HVDC links in india click the below link.