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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Here i am answering another question asked by Amit.
What is the importance of Transformer Oil ?
Transformer Oil is a highly refined mineral oil that has excellent insulating properties and is very stable at high temperatures.It also serves as a coolant.

In a Transformer, the primary winding and secondary windings are placed inside a casing.To provide electrical insulation between the live parts inside the transformer casing we use Transformer Oil.Tranformer Oil should also withstand high temperatures for a long period.The cooling of transformer can be increased by providing cooling tubes and external fans outside the transformer casing.  

Buchholz Relay is a protective device used in transfomers.Also various testing is also done on the transformer to test the oil quality.Another important thing is we must have seen some tranformers bursting near our place.This occurs due to insulation failure inside the transfromer.Reason behind this might be the Transformer Oil used would have become old and lot of sludge would have formed which causes insulation failure. 


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