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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Here are some Electrical Engineering questions which i came across in internet.I will give the answers for the questions.Hope it would be useful for all Electrical Engineers.Visitors please give your feedback so that i can improve in helping other Electrical Engineers.


SIDDIQ said...

Subject: Doubt
Respected friend ,
how to produce magnetic field in dc generator ?

also update basic operation of ac motor??

note : sikiranma update pannuda

Thanking you,

Yours friendly,

SIDDIQ said...

By Ashok

1.wat is current?

2.wat is voltage?

3.wat is difference between current and voltage?

4.wat is passing in wire ? current or voltage?

itzme said...

1.What is the difference between electronic regulator and normal regulator in fan?
2. will d power consumption be same for both at all speeds?

itzme said...

Could u explain me how is traction taking place in electric trains?
In railway stations we normally see two wires running parallell which in turn is connected at regular intervals through a small wire(like stay wire),what is this?
Y the persons sitting in the train are not getting shocked?hw it works?

itzme said...

Hi friend,thanks for the answers and ur answers are really great..

Could u gve an idea of which and which motors are used in different appliances?

Which motor v normally use much?why?
What is the use of synchromous generator?which is more preferred synchronus/aynschronous alternators?