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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Can I plug a 10.7kW cooker into a 13A socket ? is today's electrical engineering question asked by one our followers.Before answering this question let us see some of the basics concepts in Electrical Engineering which would obviously give answer to this question.

What is the voltage used in India for domestic purpose ? the answer to this is 240V with 50Hz frequency. So all the appliances/generators will be manufactured in such a way that it supports the 50hz frequency and the 240V.

What is the voltage used in USA for domestic purpose ? the answer to this question would be 120V with 60 Hz frequency. So the appliances manufactured should be supporting these specifications.

Having sorted out the voltage we use, now let us see how much power/ Current would our appliance draw based on our usage.The question states that the rated power of the cooker is 10.7kW.So let us assume it will work on 240V/50Hz supply.
Power = V* I 
10700 = 240 * I
I = 10700/240 =44. 583 A
So if we want to plug the cooker and use it in a 240V supply it would require a 45A socket or a 50A socket.What would happen if you plug it in a 13A socket ? the answer is simple but not the real outcome of it as the socket would blast because it cannot withstand only 45A drawn by the appliance. 

Have you ever seen the sockets used for the home appliances like TV, Refrigerators, Air conditioners, Geysers ? 
For TV mostly we use 5A socket, for Refrigerators we use 5A - 10A socket based on the capacity of the Refrigerators. For AC we use 20A socket. And for Geysers we use a 25A socket. Again remember that the Ampere rating of the socket may vary with respect to the capacity of the appliance. What are you waiting for ???!! Just jump up from your PC and check the Ampere rating of the socket you use in your home and post it in comment.. Any US visitors also can post you comment in the comments section to enlighten what is practically used in US. Cheers guys !!

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