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Saturday, May 8, 2010


Motors are the electromagnetic devices which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.Its working is based up on the principle that when a current-carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field,it experiences a mechanical force whose direction is given by Fleming's Left hand rule

Basically motors are classified based on the input electrical supply.They DC motors and AC motors.
DC motors are further classified as 
    i)  Separately excited DC motor.
    ii) DC shunt motor.
    iii) DC series motor.
    iv) DC compound motor.
           a)Cumulative-compound motors.
           b)Differential-compound motors. 
Classification of AC motors are given as
    i)Synchronous motors.
    ii)Asynchronous motors.
           a)Squirrel cage induction motor.
           b)Slip-ring or wound rotor induction motor. 
Other motors which come under special machines are
     i) Stepper motor.
    ii) Brushless DC motor.
    iii) Switched Reluctance motor.
    iv) Variable Reluctance motor.

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